4/ 07

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About Logo project

This logo project was set by myself to be used on my website climb-a-tree.com as a form of identity and branding for the idea. I started this logo at the beginning of my tree climbing project, I began by taking a section of a tree from a scanned image and drawing out a section that stood out for me, from here I created my first form. This form did not represent climbing trees as a logo, so I went back to the drawing board, I began to design an abstract tree shape logo. This tree logo I decided to add colour to, this is where I found my green brown and yellow colour pallet for my logo, based around the colour of normal trees. I then went away from this logo and did some sketches, I sketched a hand with roots and no body growing out of the ground, this then gave me the idea to make the hand a tree. This is then when the final logo was born. This logo I feel encapsulates the idea of climbing trees, because of the incorporation of the hand.

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