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Inside the Box Project

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About Inside the Box project

This is a 3D pop up business card, invitation and viewer, that I created for part of my third year graphic design course final project. The idea emerged from researching into vertual reality and sterioscopic viewers, I then decided to create my own 3D anaglyph viewer, entitled "Think inside the box". After making many mock ups, I finally found a working design, from here I transfered the hand drawn image into a digital file so that I could produce enough to use as invitations. This digital file I then input into a laser cutter and rather than hand cut each one let the machine do the work. After this, however, I now had to hand assemble, glue and stick all of the information to the box's. If I could have afforded to do this properly I would have printed directly onto the box's rather than gluing and sticking the texts, but I didnt have the funds available so hand gluing and sticking was the alternative. The most fiddly part of the entire assembly was getting the elastic band in place, so that when the flat packed box is removed from the envelope it would pop into its 3D form.

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